The Golden Ear~What am I?~ (「金色の耳」の英語版)

A graceful fantasy describing "What is life?" and "What am I?"

On the surface of a beautiful mirror-like marsh, a bud was born in a mystical form. One day, she started to wonder what she was. The snowflake, the sun, the rice plant, the mountain, the star... The bud asked each of her surroundings what they thought she was.

“You are a traveler.”

“You are something amazing, great, and precious.”

“You are the existence embracing a vast universe inside you…”

While getting answers from each of them and talking to them, the bud grew little by little… Then, she came fully into bloom as The Flower which no one had ever seen before.

This is an excellent story to help you to realize “what you are” and “who you are” as well as for you to explore and reconsider “the world of lives connecting and resonating with each other.”

出版社: バベルプレスUSA

金額: US$15(1680円)
Kindle版 $12

イラスト: Kunihiko Aoyama

著者: Miki Kikkawa

ISBN: 978-0-9836402-8-8


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