The Golden Ear 2 ~Why Do Sadness and Suffering Exist?~(「続・金色の耳」の英語版)

On a beautiful marsh, still as a mirror, there bloomed an ear-shaped flower. The Flower becomes deeply troubled to hear frogs laughing about her curious appearance. Then the Flower learns of other creatures’ hardships, and begins to wonder why they all experience such sadness and suffering.

The Flower inquires others that surround her, “Why? Why do sadness and suffering exist for all beings?” The hints the Flower receives--from The Snowflake, the Full Moon, the Seahorse, the Flower Queen, the Oak Tree--all give significance to her revelation. What would it be? This is a story that sheds light, through the wisdom of all beings on sadness and suffering, onto life and benevolence of all beings. (Though this book is a sequel, it can be fully enjoyed by itself.)

出版社: バベルプレスUSA

金額: US$15
Kindle版 $12

イラスト: Kunihiko Aoyama

著者: Miki Kikkawa

ISBN: 978-0-9892326-1-6


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