The Miraculous Revitalization of a Rural Castle Town [In English]

Story about town revival in Murakami, Niigata Prefecture,an old castle town in rural Japan.One day a young man stands up and protects the historical city from the destruction by road widening to take the town on a dramatic journey of revitalization. The book tells how he activates the project and revives the town, people and scenery. It also refers to the secrets for the achievement and attitudes, when performing revitalization projects in local cities and villages.

Won the 50th Anniversary Documentary Award by Niigata-based TV Station BSN.
It was turned into a 1 hour special TV program and aired in 20 prefectures nationwide via TBS in Japan.

Author: Miki Kikkawa
Illustrator: Shinji Kikkawa
US$4.88 (500 Yen)
Publisher: Amazon Services International


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